7 Wonders Board Game Review – Fast and Challenging

7 Wonders Board GameIf you have never played 7 Wonders board game, you are in for a treat. This is my review of the board game that has all the fun and challenge that we look for in a good game to play with friends and family. The 7 Wonders  moves quickly and offers great challenges.

No History Needed, But Still Fun

In the board game, 7 Wonders, you are playing in the worlds of Ancient Greece or Rome. Start in a barbaric state and grow into a wonder civilization. Strategy and leadership are your real tools as you lead your troops to new heights. And create your civilization. Increasingly more magnificent developments continue to await you and your troops.

7 Wonders Board Game

Amazing artwork makes this game a truly unique choice for some real game playing fun. More than 7 wonders, you actually use 14 wonders to create your world, but your choice of strategic options is way beyond that you’ve seen in other board games. Play with 3-7 players, this game goes quickly. You won’t have marathon single games with 7 Wonders. Instead, you get a fast-paced, thinking and analyzing game that works well for play with older children and adults.

7 Wonders Board Game Review

With all the board games I have, have played and continue to play, 7 Wonders is by far the most unique. It’s simple to learn the basic rules. The strategy changes with every game. Learning strategy is helpful, but it doesn’t mean you win by playing the game more. That makes it ideal for sharing with friends who have never played before. Experience is not a factor in the win.

The variations on strategy are endless with 7 Wonders. There are options that make this board game amazingly different with each new game. But, we aren’t talking luck of the draw here. Yes, you play with game cards, but you can win with any cards you draw. It’s just a matter of getting the right strategy.

My oldest daughter is a winner at nearly every board game we have ever played. There are times when we choose games that she might possibly not win. Sometimes it’s in the choice of the game. With 7 Wonders, she did well, but didn’t win every game. It became a good choice for our family game night.

Have fun with your family or friends with a whole new idea to board game playing. Get your copy of 7 Wonders and get ready for some fun game play!

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