Animal Finger Puppets for Imaginative Play

Animal-Finger-PuppetsWhen you’re looking for inexpensive toys for kids that help them use their imagination, these cute animal finger puppets are a great choice. Simple toys, finger puppets can provide lots of play time for children of all ages.

Animal Finger Puppets

Children’s pretend time is a huge part of their play. And experts say it’s beneficial for them to learn how to place themselves in their own world. Besides, it’s great fun for us to adults to have some time to interact with our children through play. These animal finger puppets are favorites for play time with the children in my world.


Getting Serious or Silly

I have both a 5 year old and a 3 year old granddaughter. When I want to have play time with both of them, I need toys that they can both enjoy. For me, my animal finger puppets are perfect. In fact, they usually beg for me get them out.

When I first started doing finger puppet play time, I was seriously enjoying the play. Each animal acted appropriate, went to find the right homes and helped to have story time with the girls. Then I discovered the fun of being silly.

The animals each took on a different voice. They each had a chance to do silly things. They tried to eat sandwiches, drink apple juice and toss a ball that was way too big for them. You can imagine, that got both of those girls just giggling across the floor.

But, bed time did come and the girls needed to settle down. The animal finger puppets came to the rescue. They acted tired, wanted to read a book and successfully settle the girls for sleep. My animal finger puppets have become Gramma’s best friend.

Animal Finger Puppets for Great Gift Ideas

Since finger puppets aren’t expensive, in fact they are much cheaper than most toys, they make great gift ideas for kids. They work well as stand-alone gifts when the budget is tight, or as add-on gifts when you want to give something more. Perfect stocking stuffers, too, for kids of just about any age.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    I think all the little finger puppets are fun and adorably cute!

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