How to Choose the Right Board Game

Choose the right board gameWith thousands of options how do you choose the right board game? Whether it’s a gift for someone, or you want a new game for your own, you want one that will be worth your money and time. Choosing the right board game is a matter of matching preferences.

Board Game Playing Preferences

The suggestions here are all positioned as what you like. When choosing a gift, translate these for your recipient. You will have a greater success rate when you do.

Preferences to consider are:

  • Board game complexity. Some games are simple to learn the rules and to play. Others are very complex and require some study to understand the rules. This translates into more challenge in the actual game play and more variations as well.
  • Number of Players. Some games work just great with only two people playing. Some games work, and are therefore more fun, with larger groups of people. Some board games can work great with both a small number and a large number of players.
  • Ages of Players. For most board games, you want to aim for the lowest common denominator. That means the youngest player. But, that doesn’t mean you have to only pick children’s games when choosing a family game. Some games can be adjusted to make them more suitable for younger players.
  • Time frame available to play. There are certainly many board games that can take up plenty of hours, even marathons. But, other games can be completed in 30 minutes. How much time is available to play board games is another preference to consider.
  • Frequency of board game play. If you want a board game that you can play several times a week, that will be a different game than one you choose when the family gets together for holidays. So the frequency you play board games will matter.
  • Variations of game play. If you like to play board games frequently, you may want to choose one that has different variations. An easier version to play while learning or with younger players, then more difficult versions to play with more strategy.
  • Strategic levels. Board games in general are good for mental exercises. Just the process of strategy planning and executing are good for the brain. But, how intense do you want that strategy to be? If it’s stress-producing strategy, that’s not good. If it’s enjoyable strategy, that’s very good.

Choose the Right Board Games

When choosing any board game, keep in mind your own preferences. If you have played board games very much, you probably already know what you like. On the other hand, if you are a bit new to board games, or choosing one as a gift, you want to think about the above list of preferences.

Even if you like complex, time-consuming and strategic games, try a simpler game once in awhile. A variety of options for your board game playing can be a relief at times. A quick simple game can take your mind off a stressful situation. This is a great value all in itself.

Board games can bring you plenty of enjoyment. Choose the right board game for the best enjoyment. Then don’t forget to plan a family game night on a regular basis.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Our family very much enjoys board games, but you are right. We do have to make sure the game we have selected can have the right number of players to cover our group.

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