Disney Frozen Elsa Doll

Disney-Frozen-Elsa-DollEvery little girl seems to want a Disney Frozen Elsa doll. The popular ice queen from the equally popular Disney animated movie Frozen celebrates the joy of being yourself. No matter what special powers you possess. In the movie, Elsa possesses the power of winter. Something she hides throughout most of her life.

Disney Frozen Elsa Doll

Elsa was introduced to the world in the Disney movie Frozen in November of 2013. She promptly became the most popular doll for girls. She is available in multiple variations, the most popular being the Sparkle Elsa doll, the Ice Skating Elsa and the Musical Magic Elsa.

A Story of Celebrating Uniqueness

Elsa is unique, even in her own mythical world. She was born with the power to make ice, snow and winter, just through her touch. After she accidentally hurts her younger sister, Anna, while still a child, Elsa hides both herself and her powers away. When she is crowned queen of the fictitious kingdom, her powers are revealed and she inadvertently turns the whole kingdom in to a perpetual winter.

As long as the whole kingdom now knows of her power, Elsa can finally be herself. She is finally free to celebrate her uniqueness. A lesson for all girls, no matter what their own uniqueness is. It’s certainly a lesson that we all want to instill in our own daughters.

Disney Frozen Elsa Doll for Toddlers

The young set of little toddler girls can also enjoy in the play with the Ice Queen. Disney Frozen Elsa doll is available in a toddler version as well. She’s made with a larger body and head for those smaller hands to hold and love.

The singing version of toddler Elsa was requested by my own 3-year-old granddaughter. She sings the Elsa signature song, Let It Go. That same song that tells the story of revealing her powers and being free to celebrate herself.

Elsa and Anna Together

Even though Disney Frozen Elsa doll is the most popular, the sisters are a welcome set of dolls for most girls. Together, they represent the joy and sharing of having sisters. But, they are wonderful dolls for girls play time. Acting out scenes from the movie Frozen is just part of the play that’s available to the young.

Watch them create new scenes and new ways of pretending with two dolls from the beloved movie. More Disney Frozen toys are available to help girls pretend to their hearts content.

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  1. Barb says:

    My granddaughter is also a big fan. Last year she wanted an Ana doll. This year it’s an Elsa doll. That musical one sounds just right.

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