Disney’s Frozen Dolls and Toys for Girls

Disney-Frozen-CastleDisney’s release of Frozen brings a new set of dolls and toys for girls. The charming winter sisters can come to life for girls’ playtime with dolls, sleds, castles and play figures. Made by Mattel, these toys are beautifully detailed replicas of the cast of characters and activities from the movie.

The Tale of Two Sisters

Frozen is loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale The Snow Queen. Frozen introduces us to two sisters, Anna and Elsa. Anna must embark on an epic trek to find her sister Elsa, now the Snow Queen, to save their land from eternal winter.

Disney Frozen Anna
Anna, Musical Magical Doll
Available from Mattel.com

Disney Frozen Elsa
Elsa, the Snow Queen
Available from Mattel.com

The Frozen Adventure

Anna shares her adventure with rugged mountain man, Kristoff, and his sidekick reindeer Sven. Along the way, they collect theĀ  hilarious snowman, Olaf. They face trolls, winter extremes and race on to save their kingdom before it’s too late.

A Disney Hit for Adults and Children

Frozen is a magical and majestic animated movie for kids of all ages. In the beauty and grandeur of both The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, the folks at Disney have the kind of hit that will be in my movie library for years to come.

The story is a setting to explore the sisters’ complicated relationship. As we see that Elsa is not evil, but an emotional wreck that’s causing the eternal winter, we also see the evil Duke of Weselton trying to work the powers of Elsa to his own advantage. Then we enjoy Anna, our heroine, as she attempts to save both her sister and her kingdom.

Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset
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Play Time for Girls of All Ages

The beauty of winter and the world of the ice palace make for wonderful ways to allow girls to let their imaginations run wild. Dealing with a play world that is not just fashion and makeup, the Frozen toys allow girls to play the heroine and save not only sisters, but whole kingdoms. They can enjoy the race, the adventure and overcome all the perils along the way.

Disney’s Frozen dolls and toys make great gifts for girls, but also allow their imaginations to explore a whole new world.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I always love the fairy tale dolls! I haven’t seen Frozen, yet, but the toys are adorable. I want Sven now!

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