Frights, Camera, Action Dolls from Monster High

Frights-Camera-Action-DollsEnter a world of pretend for budding actress with the Frights, Camera, Action dolls from the Monster High toyland of Mattel. That’s what I discovered when my granddaughter got her first Monster High doll, Elissabat. Not only did she discover this new world, but she had also recently discovered her acting talent.

The World of Pretend with Frights, Camera, Action Dolls

The dolls in this series of Frights, Camera, Action all are part of Hauntleywood. We have Elissabat as our starring actress. Viperine Gorgon as our makeup artist. Honey Swamp is our cinematographer, and finally, Clawdia Wolf as the aspiring screenwriter. Moviedom is open to all little girls and their pretend time.

Seeing the Elissabat doll in action in the hands of my granddaughter was a fun and rewarding experience. She not only directed the performance, but played a co-starring role with the doll. She rehearsed and set up the theater for us, before the big performance. It was almost as though we were having Family Play Night. For a girl who is soon to be 6, this seemed advanced in my opinion. Of course, I’m not the least bit biased.

Next Up on the Wish List

For my granddaughter, a list of which Frights, Camera, Action dolls she wants next was quickly recited to me. She insisted I write them down as well. I have a strange feeling she thinks Gramma is a pushover. But, she’s right. I went immediately to find the other dolls. Luckily, has them all in stock. Here are her choices.

Mattel’s Fabulous Frights, Camera, Action Dolls

I have to say that I have been impressed with Mattel’s quality of doll making for a long time. And the Frights, Camera, Action dolls are no different. Each of the characters are well made, with all the kinds of details that make them impressive.

Each doll also comes with her appropriate accessories. Elissabat, the actress, has her Clawsome Award, along with her tell-all diary. Any tabloid reporter would love to get his hands on that! Of course, the other dolls, Viperine Gorgon, Honey Swamp, and Clawdia Wolf, all have accessories that match their chosen careers as well.

For girls who enjoy pretend play, the Frights, Camera, Action dolls are great choices. Even judging by only what my granddaughter did, I don’t think a parent, or grandparent, can go wrong.

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  1. This past Christmas was my first encounter with the Monster High dolls in person. I was surprised at how much I, myself, like them. The Frights Camera Action Dolls are certainly frighteningly cool!

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