How to Host a Family Game Night

family game nightFamily game nights have become increasingly popular. In today’s busy world where most of the time, both parents work outside the home & kids have sports and lessons in addition to school, it can be hard to find some quality time to spend together.

Family game night is a great opportunity to bond, get caught up and improve relations between siblings as well as parents and children.

Choosing a Date

The first thing you need to do, is choose a night that everyone is available. That can be a task in itself. But, prioritizing time so that everyone is present is very important. family game night 11 No sleepovers, homework at a friends house or going out for the kids on family game night. Everyone needs to be home and ready to play!

Make sure you announce to the family what date has been set for family game night. Whether you host it weekly or monthly, everyone needs to be aware. To announce it, try one of these ideas:

  • Taping a sign on everyone’s bedroom door announcing the date
  • Slide an invitation under everyone’s bedroom door a few nights early
  • If you have a bulletin board or message center, pin an announcement there
  • Circle the date in red and write “Family Game Night” on the family’s calendar
  • Post a sign on the refrigerator

You want to build anticipation for the evening of fun. Inviting your family members is a great way to do that.

Games to Use for Family Game Night

Next, you need to have a selection of games that are appropriate to all members of the family. You don’t want to play Trivial Pursuit if the kids are all under 10. They wouldn’t have any fun. ¬†Likewise, you don’t want to play Candyland if you have pre-teen children. Settle on a selection of games everyone can enjoy.

There are tons and tons of games out there. You’re sure to find some that will work great for your family.

5 Benefits of Playing Games Together

  1. Spending time together has to be number one. The rules of the night could include: no cell phones, no televisions, no music, just conversation and playing the games. The kids are the main focus. Quality time spent with our children will be remembered fondly for years to come.
  2. Family interaction — The games are a great way to teach healthy competition as well as camaraderie. Bonding as a family is very important. It will help shape the adults the children will someday be.
  3. Brain Activity — Playing games can improve everyone’s problem solving ability, teach strategy and logic skills. Use it or lose it for us old folks, too!
  4. Life Skills — Most games can teach traits that will come in handy as our children grow. Things like teamwork, patience, concentration and perseverance will come in handy as the kids grow up. Even losing is something the kids can learn to do with grace and that can help them throughout their lives.
  5. Having Fun — This is of utmost importance. You want the kids to look forward to Family Game Night and knowing it will be a fun, no pressure way to commune is a sure fire way for them to count down the days to the event.

What are you waiting for? Grab the calendar and start planning your Family Game Night today!


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Almost, our entire family loves game nights. It is often an evening replete with laughter and interesting alliances.

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