Lego and Minecraft Team Up for Great Play Time

Lego-Minecraft-SetsGet ready to build you own world of The Nether with Lego Minecraft sets. Based on the popular video game, Lego has created building sets that give you a real world activity of making biomes. Sounds like fun, huh? It is for kids and adults alike.

The World of Minecraft

As a video game for computers and Xbox, you get to build whole worlds with Lego-like boxes. But, be careful. Monsters come out at night to break down your structures. With Lego sets, you can recreate this video game play in real life. Well, on a miniature scale anyway.

You build and visit different biomes in Minecraft, along with having a number of fun characters to work with. How about some Ghasts or Zombie Pigmen? Yep, Lego brings you these guys as well to build and play with.

The Nether, The Obsidian Portal and More

Sound like a foreign language is being spoken here, right? Yep, it is. It’s the fertile mind of the Minecraft creators that came up with a load of unusual names for the various places you can visit and build structures. And there is Lego giving you these same opportunities for building and visiting.

There’s more than the scary fighting in The Nether. You can join with friends to visit an ocean built blocks and watch the sunrise. Or even create a land of mushrooms for the gentler folks. Hopefully, those will be Lego’s next releases. We’ll be watching.

Lego and Minecraft for Family Fun

Take it from one who knows, the Lego Minecraft sets are not just for kids. And certainly not just for boys. This can be a fun family play time. I got so involved in building that I almost forgot dinner time! I’ve always enjoyed building with Lego sets, but the world of Minecraft takes it a step further. A big step, actually. And makes it fun for kids of all ages, including my 4-year-old granddaughter.

The Lego bricks in the Minecraft sets are all the small sized, so be careful with the very young children. But, for the rest of us, many hours can pass as we all help put together the different biomes, then change them around for more fun play. If you like Legos, if you like Minecraft, if you like imaginative building, then these sets are for you.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    The Lego Minecraft sets are really cool! They are actually perfect for taking on trips or vacations, because they don’t take up a lot of space, but they are a great thing for kids to play with or work on during those evenings back in the condos or hotel rooms.

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