Monopoly: Classic Family Board Game

Monopoly-Classic-Board-GameOne of the most favored board games in families is Monopoly. Choosing one of these classic, original versions will keep your family playing board games for hours. Anyone with a little knowledge of this game will know Monopoly can become a marathon event.

Fun Historical Trivia About Monopoly

The board game was originally¬† sub-titled “The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game.” Quite a mouthful and we are all thankful they dropped the sub-title. Although the idea of this game can be traced back to 1903, it was in 1936 that Parker Brothers first made it available for sale in the United States.

There are 7 formally retired tokens. A lantern, purse and rocking horse were retired in the 1950’s. A sack of money, man on horseback, iron and cannon have all come and gone in various editions.

Classic or Traditional Monopoly Board Games


Although, there are plenty of variations on the main Monopoly theme, the classic or traditional version is a great favorite. Just the fun of that buying and selling property along with all the pitfalls that you can encounter as you move around the board make it a fun game for the family to enjoy. Whenever my grown children gather, out comes the classic Monopoly. Us parents get sent to bed early so they can continue long into the night.

Monopoly Junior Party

One of those favorites in my family with the younger children is Monopoly Junior Party. Kids collect party cards to win and move cupcake tokens around the board. This game is designed for those 5 and up, but some younger kids can learn to play, while some 5 year olds might not be mature enough to understand how to play. We solved this problem in my family by playing teams. One older child or adult played with a younger one.

Yes, we all had to be patient as the younger ones learned better counting skills and board game etiquette. That meant no grabbing the game pieces. It also meant waiting your turn. But, this was a fun way to interact with all the kids and help them learn just a bit more.

 Family Game Time

We all enjoy board games. Monopoly is just one of them. For many of us, we need to plan a family game night. Make sure everyone knows about it, schedules it, and shows up. Then we need to spend some time making sure we have a right choice in board games. That doesn’t have to be difficult. But, it does have to be a good choice. Monopoly or Monopoly Junior are just a few of the options.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Monopoly as long been one of my personal favorites! As a child, I always wanted to be the banker! Today, my family elects me to serve as the banker, but I would gladly forgo that honor now and just enjoy playing the game.

    I had no idea the man on the horse had been retired! Guess I better make sure we don’t lose ours. He is my husbands favorite token to play.

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