Monopoly Meets Star Wars Board Games

Monopoly-Meets-Star-Wars-BoFor those who love board games, especially Monopoly, and also love the Star Wars movies is in for a treat. Put the two together with these Monopoly Star Wars board games. Characters from the movies make the playing pieces and you buy and sell cities and settlements. What could be more fun?

Star Wars Trilogy Editions of Monopoly

The joy of capturing the Star Wars world in a board game as cool and classic as Monopoly is here for you. Great art work makes these board games truly stand out. But get ready, you are buying, selling and trading cities and settlements with your favorite characters from the Star Wars movies.


The Star Wars Twist

All right, I will let you know there is a fun twist to these Star Wars Monopoly games. You can play with a more advanced Star Wars activity, including a translation guide for the Aurebush galaxy language. If you really love Star Wars, take a turn with the advanced play for something really unusual. You won’t be disappointed.

The Clone Years Version

If you or your children enjoy the animated Clone Years of Star Wars, then you definitely want to get this version of the Monopoly classic board game. Obi-wan Kenobi, Clone Commander Rex and Anakin Skywalker are part of the playing pieces.

As with all the Star Wars Monopoly games, you don’t play with money, you play with Republic credits and there is the Star Wars twist to this game as well. No Star Wars or Monopoly fan will be disappointed in this fun update to the classic board game.

Fun for the Whole Family

All the Monopoly Star Wars editions make great games for the whole family to play. Although most of the games are recommended for 8 years old and up, we have had great family game nights with younger kids by playing teams. The older ones do the reading while the younger ones get to move the pieces.

If you are one who like the traditional Monopoly board game, you might have loads of fun with the variation of one of these Star Wars games.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Wow! Star Wars and Monopoly! What an awesome combination!

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