Pre-School Board Games for Family Fun

Pre-school-board-gamesFamilies with young children will enjoy these fun pre-school board games that help build skills in young children, yet are fun for the adults to share in. With these board games, the kids can play by themselves. But each can be fun for the parents and older children to play as well.

Sharing in the Family Fun

We always seem to be looking for ways to play with our young children. When families have children of pre-school age, it’s hard to find board games where everyone can participate. We want games that aren’t too hard for the young ones, but aren’t boring for the older ones, either.

Pre-School Board Games

These games are specifically chosen for their ability to allow young children to play, while still being fun for the older children and parents. They are educational for the young ones, with new skills to learn, include only picture instructions and game activities. So each is easy for kids to play by themselves as well.

Of course there are plenty more fun and educational board games that pre-schoolers can play. Take a look at pre-school games to see more choices, including the great classic Candyland.

Educational Value

When children play board games, they learn some important skills. Learning to follow directions and do what the cards tell you is a big skill for children. Learning to take turns and patiently wait their turn is also an important skill they learn through playing the old-fashioned board game. But, my favorite is good sportsmanship. They must learn that there are times when they have to skip a turn, or go back several spaces. They also learn to be happy for another player that does well.

These social skills are valuable for young children to learn. But board games also help children learn colors, letters, numbers, and matching objects. Some games even include fine-motor skill development.

Feel confident when you provide a board game for a pre-schooler. Not everything is designed around electronics. Some of the best learning tools are the old-fashioned kind. Plan a family game night and include the pre-schoolers as well.

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