Strategy Building Train Board Games

Train-Board-GamesWhen you are ready to play board games with strategy and challenge, one of these train games is ideal. Build your railroad lines across continents with hundreds of different strategy options. Perfect for the older kids and grown-ups to have a great board game time.

Top Train Board Games

These are the top two railroad-building board games. Both very well-rated and both present a great challenge to players. Read reviews about each game below and decide for yourself which you prefer.


Trains by Alderac Entertainment

Originally a board game in Japan, this new English version has improved graphics and more play strategy. The object is to build the most powerful railway line across Tokyo, on one side of the board, or Osaka on the other side. Carrying passengers and freight, you must build your whole system, including stations. You put together your empire with cards, train and station tokens. But watch out. You also have to play randomizer cards, which could throw a true wrench in your strategy.

This game is recommended for 14 and up and we have to agree there. Unless you have a particularly brilliant younger child, the strategy and play can be a bit too confusing. Beginners can learn this game quickly, and experience doesn’t help with the strategies you need to win. Designed for 2-4 players, there really are endless opportunities to play Trains. A highly-rated board game that deserves its rating in our opinion.


Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder

This board game celebrates the success of Phileas Fogg when he traveled around the world in 80 days. Now come to North America and build a railroad line that takes you across the continent. Designed for 2-5 players, we found this game to be easy to learn, but strategies were the equalizer for new and experienced players. You play with cards and train tokens to complete routes between different cities. Thrown into this, you also have challenging destination cards. Chosen at random, you must be able to complete your route between the two destination cities, before someone else has taken that route away from you.

Your play is much more tricky depending on the number of players in the game. Although 5 players should be the max, we succeeded in “adjusting” the rules a bit to get a 6th player in. Definitely a game that needs some planning, strategy and lots of adjusting as you watch someone else take your route away from you. Highly rated for great reasons.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    How in the world did I not know about these board games?!! As much as my son loves trains, I can’t believe I have never seen them before.

    Thank you for the introduction 🙂

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