Unique Chess Sets: Dragons, Stars Wars and Harry Potter

Unique-Chess-SetsThe classic game of chess is updated with some great new themes. Dragons, Star Wars and the wizarding world of Harry Potter all come as beautiful and fun chess sets. The rules are the same, but the pieces are characters from different worlds. For chess lovers, these can bring together two favorite themes. Collectors of chess sets and casual players of the game can appreciate any of these dragons, Star Wars and Harry Potter sets.

Dragon Chess Sets

The fantasy world of dragons comes to the classic game of chess with these beautiful sets. For each of these, the dragons are carved in magnificent detail with different looks for each of the chess pieces. An exciting and fun way to play this challenging game.

Star Wars Chess Sets

If you are one of the millions of Star Wars fans, these chess sets are for you. The world of the Jedi knights battle the forces of the dark with character pieces that are faithfully depicted from the movies. Star Wars and chess make a fun combination for kids of any age.

Harry Potter Chess Set

This Harry Potter chess set is based on the Sorcerer’s Stone episode where Ron directs the life-sized pieces to move Harry onto to face Voldemort. The set is made by Mattel so it’s aimed at players, not collectors. The playing pieces are beautifully detailed and faithful to the movie.

Any Harry Potter fan will certainly enjoy playing with this chess set. The instructions are well-written to help those who aren’t familiar with all the rules of the classic game of chess. For those who would like their children to learn, this is one of those good games worth getting for them. You can see more choices at Harry Potter chess sets.

Classic Play of Chess Strategy

If you are familiar with classic chess, then you know this is a game of high strategy. With 16 pieces, most of which have different abilities to move, you need to know which way each of the pieces are allowed to move in order to successfully checkmate your opponent. It’s a game for only two players, but a game that can really challenge your mental ability to capture the opposing forces while keeping your own force safe.

Choosing a unique chess set, one that will appeal to fans of the worlds of dragons, Star Wars or Harry Potter is a great way to help you and your family learn and master classic chess.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Several members of our family play chess and it seems that collecting beautiful chess sets has become rather “expected” in our household. There really are some beautiful and unique chess sets available today. I love them all!

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